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This website uses cookies to improve the user experience.

Types of cookies

Cookies can be classified by type, duration and category.


  • First party cookies: Cookies placed by our website. 

  • Third Party Cookies: Cookies placed on our website by third parties.


  • Session cookies (temporary): These cookies are deleted when you close your browser and do not collect any information from your computer. These cookies usually store information in the form of a session identifier, which does not identify the user personally.

  • Persistent cookies (permanent/saved): These cookies are stored on your hard drive until they expire (ie based on their expiry date) or you delete them. These cookies are used to collect identifying information about the user, such as web surfing behavior or preferences for a particular website.


  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: These are the cookies that enable you to view our website. They are also required for security reasons.

  • Functional cookies: These cookies "remember" registered visitors/customers in order to improve their user experience.

In the table below you can see which cookies we place on our website:

First Party Cookies



Third Party Cookies


You can find more information about cookies at All About Cookies .

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